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User Management

Why is data security important for a school management software?

For many years, records were stored in files and cabinets that were then kept safe under lock and key. In the present age, as institute migrate all their student information on a single integrated solution, it is essential that educational institutes look beyond the traditional forms of data security and upgrade their systems to suit their web based transformation. Very often parents and students lack the technical background to evaluate the security of the apps or the cloud-based web- based school automation system used by the institution.

Who has access to the data and information?

An institution scheduling system gives educational institute a very easy and efficient way to organize the organization chart in the scholastic scheduling system. Admin can add user, assign departments and profiles with different permissions, to each employee as per need of the institute. Type of permissions will be pre-defined for every module. Admin can assign or revoke permissions from any user as per the need.

Administrators can configure the software to varying usage access for different personnel who use the software. A teacher who uses the system may be needing access to many modules including student attendance tracking, examination scheduling, etc. But the librarian does not require access to those modules. This can be correctly set up using a secure administration system.

User management system offers you 24/7 access to your Administrators, Teachers, Lab Assistant,Guardian, librarian & accountant. It simplified the complexity of user privileges so permissions could be granted as per need.

What could be done using User Management Module of :

  • User can be created with ease
  • User information could be edited whenever needed
  • User qualification and experience can be added for institute record
  • Password for staff login can be created or change
  • Privileges against modules can be change
  • Reporting Manager of each staff member can be assigned. This helps in approval of leaves, attendance, payroll, leave request.
  • Users can be associated with multi-department.
  • User password is stored in encrypted format, and only be verified using a hash.

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