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Fees Management

Importance of Fees Management

Dues collection is done on a regular basis in every institute and needs more attention as it is the work of finance. And finance is a major terms for administration of school. It is with the help of advanced featured module of school management software that a school is able to keep complete track of the amount that the students are paying. Basic advantages of this module, they help you collect fees, issue receipts, generate and maintain reports. All this implies that your administration becomes free of any trouble, a lot more convenient, and free of paper as well.

Fee Management System is one of the key components in managing charges collection of Educational institutes, Coaching/Training centers. Next School Choice allows many numbers of features when it comes to deposits organizing.

In Fee Collection Module, you can effortlessly collect student dues and maintain pending figure related data. You can view school wise total amount collected in selected date range. This module displays all transactions made in particular date range by cash, card, cheque, Bank Transfer etc. At any point of time, user can verify collections made and outstanding with a single click.

User-defined structure can be maintained. Can add as many due divisions you want and with different defined rules.

Features of Fees Management Module :

  • Fees Submission :
    • Dues submission can be made offline in cash and cashier can generate a transaction for a each payment easily using this module. Cashier can search the student pending amount using student registration number and name.
    • Amount can also be submitted by student online using student portal. A unique transaction number is generated every time a transaction is made.
  • Fees Receipt :
    • Receipt is generated every time a transaction.
    • Receipt is generated in both cases offline and online payment.
    • Cashier can download and print the receipt from the admin panel.
    • Students can download and print the receipt from student panel.
  • Transaction Report :
    • Each online and offline payment generates a transaction.
    • Transaction report is needed at the day end to match the day collection.
    • Transaction report can be downloaded or view within a date range.
  • Add Additional Fees :
    • If in case any amount is added after student registration to a particular student, it could be done.
  • Due Fees Report :
    •  Due amount reports can be checked any time that can help in managing defaulters.
    • User can filter due report using course and section.
    •  Due charges gives a clear division of dues according to its type.

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