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Syllabus Management

Are you concern about Syllabus?

Syllabus is a major concern of guardian in every educational institute. As curriculum plays an important role in exams and it puts up a question mark over the performance of teachers and students in the institute.

There is always a worry situation about programme of study completion. There are always some set of questions between parents and teachers like :

  • What is the programme of this term?
  • How much time it will take to cover this syllabus?
  • How much course of content is covered till now?
  • How much course coverage is pending?
  • How much time it will take to cover pending curriculum?

Answer to all the questions can be given by ease using syllabus management system.

Web- based management system of any educational institute solves many questions and reduces communication gap between teachers and parents.

Teacher can easily create hierarchy of course content using the creation feature in module. N level hierarchy can be maintained using standard academic management system. Teacher can add count of hours a topic could take to cover, this timing will helps in creating timetable, and checking how much curriculum is out of reach. Course Progress can be marked covered simply on one click. Marked covered can be instantly view by parents or students in student portal. That make assured how much course content has been covered by the teacher in class. Communication gap related curriculum between parents, teachers and students can be solved using this module.

Graphical representation of graph gives an immediate impact of covered and uncovered topics.

  • Easily create hierarchy of course of study.
  • N level hierarchy can be maintained.
  • Can add count of hours a topic could take to cover.
  • Marked covered simply on one click.
  • Graphical representation of covered and uncovered syllabus.
  • Instant update on student portal.

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