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Online School Management Software for growing Schools, Colleges or Coaching.

Get ERP Software for your educational institute, that helps you taking decisions, manage accounting, reduce noise between staff and parents, make students updated about school, and helps students in increasing potential.


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Universally Access

ERP for educational institute is a one stop solution that ensures smooth functioning of the day-to-day school operations. All academics activities like administrative, paperwork can be managed very easily. The School Administration Software is platform independent, and department management can easily access their accounts anywhere any time they require. The software can be accessed through a mobilapp installed on smartphones, can access from anywhere.

Real Time Zone

As it is a cloud based web based school scheduling system, it creates a Real Time Zone between all devices and users. It provides an instant reflection on panels, that reduce communication gaps. It helps the institute administration to update their data whenever they want to do so. The systematic feature of the school ERP system is impressive and of course easy to handle. Also, candidates can access their data anytime and anywhere they like to.

Advanced Reporting System

ERP for Educational Institute has many types of inbuilt reports with instant analysis, computational analysis that helps you in taking management level decisions. Reports like student performance report, admission report, syllabus covered report, assignment status report, fees collection report, library defaulters, library stats and many more related reports are already inbuilt in web portal.

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Why to implement Next School Choice Automation System in your Institute?

Centralisation and management of information

School administration solution centralise all the data related to student information, faculty details, fees management, examination records and more that helps institution in growth related decision. Institute Management System also reduce time that was much involve in communication, auditing mistakes, creating data files and more.

Simplifies the process of data gathering

ERP for educational institute automates many of the process like gathering information from students about academics homework, assignment, projects, from library about issue, returns, penalty, from exam cell about question papers, result generation, from transport and more.

Improved resource management

School administration software solution generates transparent, reliable and accurate report which always stay ahead of the curve in keeping the real-time overview of institute finances. A single integrated solution will lower your risk and increase in visiblity of taking decisions over many things in institute.

Higher Productivity

ERP for school administration is a concept in which many departments are considered and their unique systems are combined into a single unit, enabling seamless communication between these departments, parents, students and management. ERP for educational institute implementation improves the productivity of staff. It automates the routine, frequently-repeated manual tasks that waste staff time and often result in errors and re-work.

Better Insights

ERP for Educational Institute helps in reducing sharing of unnecessary information in departments. Being a single integrated solution for scheduling activities will give you best insight about your insitute. Academic Management Software has many types of inbuilt reports with instant and computational analysis that helps you in taking real time management level decisions and act on insights. Graphic representation of reports will give more exact information you need.

Improved Decision

Using a shared platform with single database, everyone will have same real time data to take decisions. That will help in quickly identify and act on the data. This will lower your risk and increase your visiblity. Without a scheduling software in place, many things can fall short such as staff not knowing information about attendance, their previous leaves, library stock, even information on syllabus completion.

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Admin dashboard

Administrative Panel with Real Time Reports

Panel consist of all modules related to specific candidate. Panel helps candidate/parents updated about performance, attendance, learning outcomes and much more.

  • Analytical Dashboard
  • Responsive Designed
  • Filter available with data list in each module
  • Bulk import & export
  • Graphical and tabular representation of reports
  • Multi-User Login with permissions assigned
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Student/Parent Panel with Real Time Updates

Panel consist of all modules related to specific candidate. Panel helps candidate/parents updated about performance, attendance, school and much more.

  • Summary Dashboard
  • Responsive Designed
  • Student Performance Report
  • Track on homework, projects, assignments, attendance
  • Online Fees Payment
  • Online Tests
  • Leaves Approval
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Candidate dashboard
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Main reasons explaining Why to choose us?

Module of School ERP

Best Product

Institute Management Software ensures smooth functioning of all modules. It will provide all answers to SWOT of institute.

Constant Support

24x7 Support

A dedicated team is working round the clock to provide 24 X 7 streamlined access to our technical experts.

Data Security

Backup & Security

All data will be managed and secured by the team of experts. 256 bit encryption is used for password, mobile number, and email address.

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