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Leave Management

Relief from hectic Leave Management

Leave management works both for students and teachers. It plays an role of most important process of the HR department for any institute as it is directly interlinked with salaries. Using this featuring module you can automate the staff holiday requests, eliminating paperwork.

Here are the benefits of Leave Automation System in School Management Software.

  • Apply Leaves Online : You can define the maximum number of permissible absences in a month. Staff and students can submit their holiday requests online and view their requests online. They can view the number of absences and types of break available and accordingly apply for it. They can also view the history of holiday previously availed by them.
  • Leave Privileges : Generally few schools follow a specific leave management pattern for different categories, designations, and grades and not all the employees in the school are awarded the same number of brakes. The advanced featuring system empowered by Next School Choice manages the holiday privileges of all the employees in the school separately.
  • Track Leaves : Being integrated with biometrics, attendance management and leave tracking becomes very simple. You can easily track and maintain a record of the number of presence availed and the type of absence availed by the staff.
  • Approve Leaves : The reporting authority can view the online requests submitted by the staff/students and approve or deny them based on the requirement. Teachers/students can also check the status of holiday approvals online.

Leaves are divided into specific groups.

  • Bulk Leaves : Like Casual , Sick , Earn can be managed using bulk leaves option. You can add number of brakes an employee can take within a span of date range. Same leave group can be used for multiple employees.
  • Associative Leaves : Holidays which are on fixed dates and are mandatory for employees, like government applied holidays Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day, Republic Day etc. For these employees didn't need to apply for. Sunday and Saturday will also be included in the associative leaves.
  • Associative Leaves Optional : Leaves which are on fixed dates and are optional for employees, like religious holidays Eid, Raksha Bandhan, Bhai Duj, Diwali, etc . For these employees need to apply for holiday.
  • Probation Period : Non- appearing can be repeated after a specific period of time (Optional). Absence calculation can be made according to probation period, like from joining date or after probation period. Probation Period can be managed in User Management Module.

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