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Question Bank

Build your Institute Bank for questions.

This module having a library of questions where you can manage each and every problem with its own tags, its type, difficulty level and marking pattern. You can add as many Q & A you want.

This module supports several types of Q & A:

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Multiple Response Questions
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Match the following
  • Match Matrix
  • True False
  • Digit Integer

Features of Exam paper maker:

  • Each question is managed with language and subject. Subjects hierarchy could be created upto n levels. You can associate it to any level.
  • You can import subject hierarchy from syllabus module.
  • The default language is English and can also support Hindi, French, etc. in Unicode, as an additional language.
  • Add multiple tags for easy filtration of questions eg. AIPMT 2006, GATE 2015, SSC etc.
  • Add hints to problems to show optionally to candidate while giving online exams.
  • Add solution to question to show optionally in solution report after completion of online exams.
  • Q & A added in this featuring module is used for creation of offline exam papers and online exams.

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