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Exam Paper Builder

Hectic prepration of Offline Exams!

Offline Exams is a written examination having a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge.

Exams have its own cycle from preparing of exams to results. Process contains adding questions, creating sets, printing papers, collecting marks, uploading results. Entering marks of students and creating a report card is a very tedious and time consuming job and waste much of a time of teacher.

Exam Paper Builder has its own features that helps in managing exams very easily.

  • Adding Questions : Institute can add questions as much as required in question bank. Question bank have many of its own features for multi language, type of questions, marking pattern, positive marks, negative marks and much more.
  • Creating Sets : Exam creation module gives option for creating offline exams. You can create upto 4 sets for each question paper. And you can choose different questions for each set. These is really helpful for anti-cheating in exams.
  • Printing Papers : After completion of exam creation you can export each set in pdf format. You can print question paper easily using pdf format. You do not need to get your question paper print from printing enterprises, you can easily print in your institute itself.
  • Collecting Marks : Teacher can upload marks corresponding to each question for every student for a particular exam. Result module gives you ease to do so. Just select exam and you will have an easy interface to enter marks.
  • Uploading Result : Teacher can also have an option to upload marks in excel format. In case any teacher does not have internet available at home, teacher can prepare excels and can have them uploaded in schools.

Exam schedule is creating automatically as exams are created with its settings. Student can check the exam schedule on the student portal at any time.

Rank generation over results uploaded can be done easily. Different rank generation patterns are provided. Student can view its rank and result over student portal whenever result is added to portal.

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