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Is the registration process hectic?

Registration is mainly a paper form filling process that leads to a very hectic methodology of getting data. This hectic process involves major paper resources, non-accuracy of data, non-formatted filling of fields. Data collected is very hard to filter or sort according to fields. Data needs to be filled up in excel or any other data format before reuse. Paper registration also hampered prompt dissension of relevant academic and managerial information. The cost of paper purchase has also added to the overhead costs within the institute.

How school management software can help in the registration process?

Next School Choice a Web Based academic Management Software makes registration procedure easier, it not only records the information for candidate registration but also does statistics on the candidate's basic information. Registrations and record keeping of confirmed admitted candidates in the institute for any specific course is managed in this module. A comprehensive system designed for school, colleges and higher educational institutes to manage complete student profiles along with details of , course, section, family, previous academic qualification, previous percentage can be stored against each candidate. Also, course fees and separate discounts for each candidate can be maintained.

School ERP centralizes and maintains the whole data related to candidate registration. The Educational Institute Scheduling System also reduced time that was much involved in communication, auditing mistakes, creating data files and more. Registration management module is provided with various sorting and searching filters that helps administrators in finding the appropriate data quickly. Data can even be exported in the form of pdf and excel whenever needed. Admit card generation facility is also provided in the registration module.

Major features of Registration module in School Automation Software :

  • Can store all information about candidate, guardian, course, section and fees.
  • Have sorting and searching facility.
  • Data can be exported in PDF and CSV format.
  • Admit card generation facility dynamically.
  • Graphical analytics over registration group by class, section, gender, blood group and locations.
  • Online integration with websites (on demand).
  • Link enquiry with registrations
  • Will have direct impact on vacant seats and fees
  • Important information like Mobile and Email of candidate is saved with 256 AES Encryption.

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