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Certificate Generation

Issue Certificates in one go.

This featured module allows you to generate certificates for school students and staff easily and without any effort. Also a copy of the generated can be stored for future references and can be kept. Using traditional method certificates making having more time consumption and need to pay attention on each making. Using School Management Software there is replacement of traditional method decreasing the workload of staff member with easily making and assigning students on the basis of their performance within a few clicks.

Features and Advantages of Certificate Generation:

  • Generate certificates for school students and staff.
  • Keep a record of generated certificates for future references.
  • Facility to print the generated certificate on the spot.

Following is a list of certificates which can be generated from the software:

  • Bonafide
  • Migration
  • Transfer
  • Probation
  • Offer of Appointment on Probation
  • Job Confirmation

Centralized database managed easily all records of educational institute staff member and their each student so administration can be easily creation of accurate certificates easily on the basis of their performance. Using automation system their is no delay for develop and assigning to deserve able nominee in a single place admin or candidate both are review on their portal and also having a history for future usage.

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